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Meet the PA’s and ARNP’s

Craig Acosta

Craig Acosta, PA-C


Jim Arreche

Jim Arreche, PA-C


Dan Beck, PA-C

Dan Beck, PA-C


Jenny Card PA-C

Jenny Card, PA-C


Christelle Genis, PA-C


Thomas Helms, PA-C

Thomas Helms, PA-C


Michael Juneau

Michael Juneau, PA-C


Amy Lykins, ARNP

Amy Lykins, ARNP


Deborah Melendez, ARNP


Katherine Metts, DNP, ARNP


Bryn Murphy PA-C

Bryn Murphy, PA-C


Dee Ogle, PA-C

Dee Ogle, PA-C


Jeff Rickets, PA-C

Jeff Ricketts, PA-C


Will Shimp, PA-C

Will Shimp, PA-C


Kris Stipe, PA-C

Kris Stipe, PA-C

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